With so much to bear in mind when it comes to pest prevention and identification, online information can end up being a dizzying array of helpful and/or nonsensical things. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled this handy list of the most common questions related to one pervasive pest: the bed bug. Look here for simple answers to your most pressing questions about bed bugs and how to keep them out of your Tampa home.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feast on the blood of human or animal hosts. They almost exclusively live near humans and can be transmitted from one location to the next by hitching rides on people or the things we carry.

As their name suggests, bed bugs like to nest inside mattresses or other cushioned furniture where they can multiply and have easy access to skin. However, bed bugs can hitch rides on articles of clothing and a range of other items like furniture, clothes or containers purchased at second-hand stores.

How can I tell if we have bed bugs?

You can absolutely get bed bugs without knowing it. That’s what makes these critters such nuisances. On white or light-colored mattresses or furniture, bed bugs will appear as small, peppery black dots within the fibers. However, on darker-colored materials, they can be nearly impossible to spot without close inspection. That’s why their bites are often the surest sign of bed bug activity. Bed bug bites appear as small pink or red dots on the surface of skin. They are usually itchy and can be found in lines or clusters around one area of the body.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Once they’ve found a safe place, bed bugs are usually only attached to their hosts when they are feeding. Since people are usually asleep then this happens, they do a good job at remaining undetected by humans. They hide in small cracks or corners, just out of sight but near enough for easy access to sustenance. They are nocturnal and often found in darker areas on the bottom portions of furniture or mattresses and box springs. When hitchhiking on people or pets, they hide in the folds of clothing or skin.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

There are many unproven methods to supposedly eliminate bed bugs. Many of them are completely unworthy of consideration, like the idea that a hair dryer can kill bed bug populations. While it is possible to kill small insects with intense heat, this isn’t a viable means of pest control. For one, you need to apply heat over a long period of time, which creates a risk of singeing fabrics and starting a fire. Also, the method only eliminates the bed bugs you can see. There will be more that are hiding elsewhere, and their protected eggs will only replenish the population later, anyway.

Call The Professionals: Biotherm Green Solutions

The best and surest way to get rid of bed bug populations is with the help of the experts. At Biotherm Green Solutions, we can perform thorough inspections of your home or business to make sure every nook and cranny has been checked by a trained pair of eyes. If bed bugs are spotted, we can implement proven and effective elimination methods — as well as give advice that will reduce the risk of bed bugs coming back.

For answers to other pest prevention questions, or to get started on our bed bug prevention and treatment plans, contact Biotherm Green Solutions right away.