Bed Bug Identification and Treatments

When it comes to living and working in Florida, the residents and business owners in the state are certainly familiar with a wide variety of insects and other pests. From ants to cockroaches, people have always dealt with insect infestations and attempted to control or prevent the pests from taking over in the house or office.

One of the most prevalent parasitic pests that Floridians often find themselves facing is bed bug species. Bed bug infestations can become very serious in a rapid amount of time, and the repercussions may be severe. Bed bug bites are usually harmless, but some people with sensitive skin may be negatively affected.

At Biotherm Green Solutions, our Florida pest control team can handle any bed bug infestation, no matter the size, and can help you identify the pests as well as ways to prevent them from returning. Controlling bed bugs is often a full-time task because you can find bed bugs almost anywhere.

Our bed bug treatment experts understand the importance of knowing the basic information about bed bugs so that you can identify adult bed bugs, young bed bugs, and bed bug eggs in your home or business.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are parasites whose primary food source is human blood. Because bed bugs feed on warm-blooded animals, especially humans, they are often prone to certain hiding places such as your bed’s box spring, bed frame, mattress seams, stuffed animals, and almost any other cracks and crevices in your home or business. When bedbugs hide, you may only be aware of their existence when you find itchy welts on your body or bloodstains on the sheets.

A common bed bug will emerge at night to feed on the humans sleeping in their bedsheets. Live bed bugs are about the size of apple seeds, and proper bed bug control techniques must be employed to eliminate the pests.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Identifying bed bugs is a matter of knowing what to look for and where exactly to look. Adult bed bugs resemble an apple seed in size and shape: about 1/4 of an inch long, flat, oval-shaped, six legs, have piercing mouthparts, and no wings. Before ingesting a blood meal, bed bugs are mahogany or red-brownish insects but become a deeper reddish-purple color. They also swell and elongate following the meal.

Smaller bed bugs are called nymphs, and these look extremely similar to regular bed bugs except for the size. You may find pests at any stage of the life cycle from eggs (or eggshells), newly emerged nymphs, or adult bed bugs.

Treatments to Kill Bed Bugs

Whether you have only found a single bug, a few bed bugs, or your home is heavily infested with these pests; it is important to kill bugs as soon as possible. It is a challenge for homeowners or business owners to remove bedbugs without the help of professional exterminators.

At Biotherm Green Solutions, we provide customers with the treatments and preventative methods needed to control the bed bug infestations in their homes, office buildings, or hotel rooms. Our team utilizes heat treatments/thermal remediation, chemical treatments, canine bed bug detection, and preventative bed bug programs to help eliminate bed bugs and stop them from returning in the future.

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At Biotherm Green Solutions, our Florida pest control experts are dedicated to helping residents and business owners with early detection for bed bug issues as well as the extermination of these terrible pests from homes and offices.

If you are dealing with bed bugs and want to ensure they do not transmit diseases or other problems to you and those you care for, contact Biotherm Green Solutions to exterminate infested areas.

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