Whether you notice insect wings around your home in Orlando or see nasty droppings on your wooden structures, a few of these signs may point to a dry wood termite infestation. These simple symptoms could lead you down an unpleasant path of hollow walls, weak windows, and crumbling furniture.

The reason is simple. When these dry wood termites claim your home as their own, they get comfortable quickly and bring chaos with them. They don’t take much time to destroy your property. From your walls to your furniture and everything in between, these pesky creatures can make their home in various structures and start consuming the wood they use for temporary shelter and as their food source.

But even as dry wood termites wreak havoc on all the timber they can find, they remain challenging to spot. That is why you must call for a proper bug inspection when you first suspect these unwelcome guests in your home.

With our unique pest control processes, Biotherm Green Solutions can help you with your dry wood termite treatment in Florida. Through our targeted approaches and reliable results, you can get rid of your termite problem in a stress-free way.

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What Do Drywood Termites Do to Your Property?

As one of the most common insects in Central Florida, dry wood termites are infamous. They are known to have a widespread presence in this part of the Sunshine State.

Unlike their many other counterparts, dry wood termites do not rely on moisture. Instead, they stay true to their name and thrive within dry environments allowing them to remain in their wood galleries without the need to ever seek the moisture in soil . They especially enjoy creating their homes in wooden structures that they can eat through quickly.

As opposed to bed bug treatment that starts from a clear presence of those nasty creatures, dry wood termite treatment relies on careful bug inspection.

If you wait for significant signs of their presence, it might be too late. Remember that these termites continue to consume any wood they can access. This includes but is not limited to your interior walls, your doors, your windows, and your furniture. If it is made of wood, they may find it, and they may undoubtedly feast through it.

Without proper pest control, these termites can hollow out the affected structures in a significant way. Even when inflicting the damage and making the structure an unsafe or crumbling mess, they can spread to the next nearest piece of wood and have the same effects. The cycle continues until you actively do something about it and exterminate these termites from your property in Orlando, Florida.

How to Tell If You Have Drywood Termites

While dry wood termites are hard to spot, they are indeed not impossible to find. As mentioned above, a few signs can lead you to realize that they are within your home. At the very least, a few of these signs can make you think twice about these termites within your home.

This commonly includes the following signs.

Flying Termites

Drywood termites often reproduce by moving from one place to the other in warmer months. These termites are known as “swarmers” and can be seen flying around your home like they own the site.

Termite Wings

When swarmers fly or instead land, they can leave behind their wings as evidence. Finding termite wings is quite a severe symptom that calls for your attention to a proper bug inspection.

Clicking Noises

As termites feast on your home’s wooden structures, they make random clicking noises. If you hear these disturbing sounds through your walls or furniture, they are most likely a wood destroying organism such as termites. This requires you to contact a licensed and experienced pest control provider .

Visible Presence

Apart from flying from point A to point B, these termites can be seen when resting on wooden surfaces. In such situations, they look like light brown ants crawling on a stable space. If you find these creatures, it’s critical to contact an expert for a through inspection.

Termite Droppings

Even reading the phrase can make you nauseated. But when you walk upon this sight, it usually seems nothing more than sawdust. Also called frass, these wood-colored droppings are an excellent sign to detect termite infestations.

Hollow or Weak Timber

This is a difficult sign to spot on walls. But it is relatively easy to notice in furniture, windows, and doors. If your timber seems hollow, weak, or lighter than usual, it indicates that termites are consuming it. Similar to finding bed bugs and calling for bed bug treatment, this requires your urgent attention and proper termite treatment solutions.

How to Treat Drywood Termite Infestations?

Since dry wood termites differ from other termite species in Florida, such as subterranean termites, their bug inspection and treatment methods are also different.

For one, their eradication doesn’t have anything to do with soil treatments. Additionally, the treatment is focused on targeted spots in your property in Orlando than the foundation of your home.

Given that dry wood termites are rarely seen out of the infesting structure, you must follow proper professional pest control and identification methods. Otherwise, even when you treat one termite colony in your home, the other can thrive in a different spot even a few feet away.

Keeping that in mind, some of the most common treatment methods professionals employ in dry wood termite treatment include the following approaches.

● Whole Structure Fumigation. This requires your entire home or property to be fumigated with insecticides that are toxic to termites.
● Whole Structure Heat Treatment. This induces high temperatures within your property, which causes termites to die out.
● Spot Chemical Pesticide Treatment. This uses insecticides to kill termites, but it’s localized to a specific site or object, such as a single wall or furniture.
● Spot Heat and Spot Shock Treatment. This may use high temperature or electric voltage that releases shock waves at Targeted spots, which are fatal for termites.
● Liquid Nitrogen Treatment. This requires releasing liquid nitrogen as a freezing substance into your wooden structure, which immediately kills termites.

Similar to proper bed bug treatment, all of these approaches require specialized products, equipment and experience. That is why you need professionals to handle the task to exterminate these termites’ presence on your property.

Termite Heat Treatments in Tampa and Orlando

Drywood Termites are extremely destructive and will quickly devour a structure from the inside out causing thousands of dollars in damage Including serious structural damage to homes.

Many homeowners and property managers hesitate to use traditional chemical treatments for various safety, tedious cleanup and long treatment times commonly lasting three days. For this reason Biotherm Green Solutions in Orlando offers a long proven effective alternative Thermal heat treatment for dry wood termites.

All pests including termites have limits when it comes to extreme temperatures. Just turning up your heat will never come close to completing the job.

You need an expert with special powerful equipment that evenly distributes heat throughout the interior of the walls of your home with the knowledge on how to perform the process safely without damaging the contents of your home.

Biotherm’s Drywood Termite Heat Treatment

Biotherm uses a non-chemical, non-toxic heating process to introduce clean, dry heat into a structure to eliminate dry wood termites. Our technicians are on-site for the entire job and gradually increase the temperature of the treatment area to between 145F to 150F degrees so that the wood core reaches at least 120F degrees.

Our technicians then maintain and monitor the temperature with Biotherm’s Safe Pest Control Heaters at or above that level for several hours to ensure a thorough and complete kill of all termite life stages including their eggs.

The entire process can be completed in as little as 8 hours. Treatment times vary from one structure to another depending on the building’s construction and the weather.

What is heat treatment for termites?

Your Biotherm heat termite specialist will inspect the interior and exterior of the home to identify areas with an active dry wood termite infestation. Then, the technician will make recommendations on what items should be removed from the home and what equipment should be shut off before the heat treatment begins. You will be provided with a list to guide you through the preparation process.

How does termite heat treatment work?

Once your home has been prepared, your Biotherm dry wood termitespecialist will use special heaters to blow dry hot air throughout your home.

For effective dry wood termite control, the heat must raise air temperatures to between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures inside the wood – where the drywood termites live – must reach at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes to kill the termites and their eggs.

A typical heat treatment takes less than a day, including setup, which makes it a more convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative to a poison gas fumigation.

Using heat for termite control leaves no chemical residue; it may be preferred by environmentally-conscious homeowners.

What temperature do drywood termites die?

Optimum temperatures for termites range from 75°F to 95°F. At temperatures above 120°F ,
termites die in a matter of minutes.

We’re Just A Call Away

Biotherm Green Solutions serves Orlando, Tampa and most of Florida. We are an industry leader with years of specialty experience in heating homes, business, vehicles and institutional facilities in Florida. Biotherm’s technicians have the tools and experience to exterminate dry wood termite infestations in all stages of life.

We approach each client individually by selecting the best treatment plan and guiding you on how to best prevent future infestations. With over 5000 successful Heat Treatments completed our attention to detail and experience we have few repeat customers because we get the job done right the first time.

Biotherm’s dry wood termite heat treatment protocol is a popular Effective option:

 Heat treatment is Safe, Effective and typically Completed in one day.
● Safe for Pets. Heat treatment leaves no dangerous residue or chemicals for you to clean up after treatment that is typical of chemical tent fumigation.
● Heat can reach all cracks and crevices that dry wood termites like to hide.
● Heat inflicts no damage on your house or furniture.
● Heat treatment kills all adult dry wood termites as well as their young and their eggs.

If dry wood termites are eating away at the structural integrity of your most valuable asset, your home Biotherm can restore order.

Call us now, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will provide you with a free consultation and answer any questions about how we can take care of your dry wood termite infestation.

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