Bed Bug Treatment in Tampa, Florida

When you make the unfortunate discovery that bed bugs have infested your home, it is a truly horrifying moment. Even if you only see ONE bed bug, you should be aware that where there’s one, there’s many more. What is more likely is that you will discover that your body has a bed bug bite. 

Bed bug bites are generally not super harmful, but they can be irritating and become infected. Whether you have found the full-grown adult bugs, the eggs, larvae, or just the bites on your own skin, you must contact a professional exterminator immediately to rid you of these terrible pests.

Critical bug treatment to kill bed bugs that have taken over your furniture or mattress is a challenging task to complete by yourself. You can’t guarantee that home remedies will find the bugs’ hiding places in the mattress, bed frames, furniture, cracks and crevices, and anything other hiding places they may have to get rid of bed bugs permanently. 

You may be able to control bed bugs and their eggs, but it takes a professional bed bug inspection and infestation management crew to help you in the process of killing bed bugs and finding where bugs hide in an infested room. 

Preventing bed bug adults and eggs takes a specialist in Florida. The prevention and treatment methods of Biotherm Green Solutions provide the bed bug inspection and elimination service you need.

Biotherm Turns Up The Heat On Bed Bug Infestations

Getting rid of bed bugs can be quite a daunting and stressful task. And throwing away infested mattresses and other furniture will not solve your bed bug infestation. Instead, to effectively eliminate these tricky pests, it is necessary to employ a trusted treatment method from a trained professional. At Biotherm Green Solutions, we offer eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments that guarantee bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs are completely eliminated. What’s more, our team of pest control technicians is very discreet about how we handle inquiries while we’re on site.  If you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home or business contact the Florida bed bug control experts at Biotherm today!

How Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work

To ensure complete bed bug elimination, we follow a proven process:

Bed Bug Preparation

While furniture and most belongings may remain in the infested area while your heat treatment is in process, items that could be affected by high temperatures must be removed. Our team will work with you to ensure all sensitive items are removed from your property before we begin your heat treatment.

Do You Have a Bug Problem?

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Heat Treatments

Heat treatment, also known as thermal remediation, consists of using large, mobile electric heaters to increase the air in the infested area (whether it’s a single room or a whole house) to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the air reaches the desired temperature, our bed bug control experts will use industrial fans to move the air throughout the infested area to ensure all the bed bugs are eliminated. These temperatures are lethal to bed bugs in all stages of development but not damaging to the items inside your home or business.

Equipment Breakdown

The heat treatment process can take anywhere from five hours (for a single room) to a whole day. However, in most cases, we’ll seal off the entire area to ensure complete bed bug elimination. Once our team is confident that those biting pests have been exterminated, we’ll break down our equipment and let you know when you can re-enter!

Why Choose Biotherm For Your Heat Treatments

Here at Biotherm Green Solutions, we provide heat treatments as an innovative and cutting-edge way to eliminate bed bugs from your home or business both quickly and effectively! If you’re dealing with a bed bug problem on your property, here are some major reasons why you should consider investing in our heat treatments:

Heat Treatments Can Be Completed In A Single Day

Other treatment options, such as chemical bed bug treatments, may require you and your family to leave home for a few days before it is safe to return. But with our professional heat treatments, all it takes is one day, meaning you can leave in the morning and come back that night to a bed bug-free property. It’s as simple as that!

Heat Treatments Don't Use Harmful Chemicals

All other forms of bed bug treatments besides heat treatments leave something behind, usually in the form of residual pesticide. However, with our heat treatments, there are no residuals left behind, no harmful chemicals used, and no clean-up required, making it an ideal alternative to conventional pest control services!

Heat Treatments Are Extremely Effective

All other forms of bed bug treatments leave the chance for bed bugs to return due to the fact that bed bugs often hide when faced with danger. But with heat treatments, those bed bugs will have nowhere to hide as your entire property will be brought to a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs and those temperatures will reach into the cracks and crevices that bed bugs often hide into escape other bed bug elimination services. This means 100% success, 100% of the time!

If you’re dealing with bed bugs on your property, your solution lies here with us! All you have to do is give us a call and we can be out to treat your property within a week. Don’t let bed bugs threaten your home or business. Instead, let us at Biotherm Green Solutions help! For more information or to schedule your treatment, contact us today!