Quality Bed Bug Control For Tampa & St. Petersburg Home & Business Owners

To help protect homes and businesses in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, Biotherm Green Solution offers industry-leading bed bug extermination, detection, and prevention services. Though bed bugs are a common pest problem in Florida, with our 100% extermination guarantee, they won’t be a problem in your Florida home or business anymore! To get started, give us at Biotherm Green Solutions a call today!

Residential Bed Bug Control In Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL

The truth when it comes to bed bugs is that no matter how clean or tidy you keep your home, bed bugs can always find their way inside. And if bed bugs find their way into your home, don’t feel embarrassed and delay getting help. Instead, take immediate action and contact a bed bug professional such as the local bed bug control professionals at Biotherm Green Solutions! Here at Biotherm, our expertise and years of experience dealing with bed bugs provide you with the quality bed bug services needed to rid your home of bed bugs and prevent them from returning. We take pride in working closely with homeowners here in St. Petersburg to tailor the most effective solutions possible. And because we focus 100% of our efforts on ridding Florida homes and businesses of bed bugs, you can be sure that we’ll get the job done right. To learn more about our heat treatments/thermal remediation, chemical treatments, canine bed bug detection services, and preventative bed bug programs, reach out to the experts here at Biotherm Green Solutions today!

The Difference Between Chemical & Heat Bed Bug Control In Tampa & St. Petersburg, FL

Here at Biotherm Green Solutions, we offer two different options to eliminate bed bugs from homes and businesses – chemical and heat. While both of these services are effective at eliminating bed bugs, there are some differences between the two treatment options to take note of:

Heat Treatments. This method of treatment, also known as thermal radiation, circulate hot air throughout your home to penetrate all the surfaces within your home and eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development – adults, nymphs, and bed bug eggs. Unlike many other treatment options, heat treatments leave behind no residue, are eco-friendly (using no harmful chemicals), typically only requires one treatment, and allow for quick re-entry into your property.

Chemical Treatments. The use of chemical treatments is another effective way to rid properties of bed bugs. The EPA registered chemicals used in this service are placed in a targeted manner around your home in areas where bed bugs are known to hide. To ensure the complete elimination of your bed bug infestation, these chemical treatments are usually repeated 2-3 times. In addition, chemical control is an effective and affordable option to eliminate the bed bugs on your property.

To see which method of control is the right fit for your St. Petersburg home, give us a call at Biotherm Green Solutions today and schedule a free consultation!

Commercial Bed Bug Control In Tampa/St. Petersburg

Keeping bed bugs out of your business is extremely important. All it takes is a single customer spotting a single bed bug in your establishment to call the reputation of your business into question. Don’t ever allow bed bugs to affect your business’s bottom-line, take action against bed bugs today. Instead, partner with a bed bug control expert for ensured protection!

The pest professionals at Biotherm Green Solutions are committed to providing all our customers with exceptional bed bug control services. At Biotherm, we know just how devastating a bed bug infestation can be and offer dedicated services to provide quick relief from bed bug invasions. To learn more about working together to eliminate bed bugs or to prevent future problems with bed bugs, contact the Florida bed bug professionals at Biotherm Green Solutions today!

How Do Bed Bugs Sneak Into Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL Homes?

Of the many words that are used to describe bed bugs one of the most common is the word sneaky, and rightly so! From their hitchhiking behavior to their nocturnal habits, it can sometimes be hard to identify that you have a bed bug infestation before it has become quite large. To stop bed bugs from finding their way into your St. Petersburg home in the first place, it’s important to understand the most common ways that they sneak their way inside to help prevent an infestation.

  • Inside on your clothing or inside of your luggage, purse, or other personal items. 

  • Inside or on the belongings of a houseguest who has been traveling and unknowingly came into contact with bed bugs.

  • On or inside used mattresses, box springs, clothing items, or furniture.

  • Inside of your kids’ backpacks when they return home from school.

  • Once inside, bed bugs can move from home to home by traveling through electrical boxes, walls, or outlet covers. 

If you ever discover that bed bugs have found their way into your home, contact us at Biotherm Green Solutions for assistance immediately! We can provide the inspection, extermination, and prevention services needed to eliminate those bed bugs and prevent them from returning! To get started, reach out to us!