Sometimes, as we fall asleep, we feel those tiny itches. Or maybe it’s the feeling of something crawling across your leg. It’s usually right before you’re about to doze off, and then you’re wide awake all of a sudden. This happens to almost everyone, and it can cause many people to have trouble sleeping, even when the feeling is solely in their imaginations.

But what if it wasn’t? Can you imagine how hard it would be to sleep if you knew there were bugs in your bed? Bed bugs might be so small that they’re hard to see, but you’ll feel the effects of a prolonged infestation in some pretty major ways.

World Traveling Pests

People think that they won’t get bed bugs in their fort Meyers house if they simply wash the sheets regularly and practice good cleaning habits. However, bed bugs travel into any home by clinging on to other pieces of furniture or luggage brought back from traveling. Think about this. Pretend you’re staying in a hotel. The first thing that most people do is put their suitcase on the bed to unpack, but they don’t realize how risky this is. If you leave your bag on an infested bed, these pests may crawl in and travel back with you. Even if you notice the sheets are contaminated after you’re done unpacking, it may be too late.

You’ll also want to be careful when buying secondhand furniture. A great deal on a couch, fridge, or office chair might turn on you very quickly if bed bugs are hanging on to these items. Check any furniture for bloodstains, brown circles of excrement, or a musty odor that could all be present in the event of an infestation.

DIY Bed Bug Treatments

Since bed bugs can get in so easily, many homes and businesses have to deal with these pests. After people see the signs or wake up to itchy, red bumps on their skin, they typically make a huge mistake: they try to solve the issue themselves. The Internet will tell you that vacuuming and spraying these pests can take care of an infestation without the need for professional treatments. However, these methods will end up costing you more in the longer run.

You see, bed bugs don’t just hang out on the surface of chairs, sofas, and mattresses. They burrow deep within the furniture and lay dozens of eggs. You might get rid of the bugs on the surface, but they will be back to haunt your dreams very soon. Plus, the money wasted on home remedies, along with the hassle and frustration of recurring bed bug problems, will be the least of your worries.

Bed Bug Dangers

While there is currently no research that links bed bugs to disease transmission, a prolonged infestation can have a detrimental effect on your health. First of all, the excessive itching and scratching from nightly attacks can cause a variety of skin irritations, rashes, and skin damage. More concerningly, severe bed bug infestations can create insomnia in many homeowners, who report having trouble falling asleep even after the bed bugs have been eradicated.

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