Imagine water as an infestation. In your mind’s eye, pour the water into a cup. The solution to this infestation is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is pour the cup out. If getting rid of bed bugs were this easy, you’d be done, right? But, not only is it extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs, it is possible to get them again, even as you’re trying to get rid of them. After you’re done pouring that water out, more water can be poured right back into that cup.

Here’s why it is so hard to get rid of bed bugs in Daytona, starting with this first important point.

Hitchhiking Bugs

Bed bugs don’t come into your home from your yard and landscaping. These insects are carried into your home. If the source of the bed bugs is an infestation in a neighbor’s home, your place of work, your kid’s school, your grandparent’s nursing home, or some other local point of infestation, you can get these bugs over and over again. So even if you properly address the infestation in your home, you could get another infestation if you don’t understand how bed bugs invaded in the first place.

Improper Response

When bed bugs appear, Daytona residents sometimes have a knee jerk reaction and throw out a bed, a couch, or some other piece of furniture. This is not only costly, but it rarely gets rid of a bed bug infestation. Consider this example. You go on a trip and accidentally bring bed bugs home in your luggage. When you take your clothes out, you fail to see the tiny bugs, or their eggs, in the seams of your luggage. When the infestation begins in your home, it starts in your luggage but you see your bed as being the location to be most concerned about. Throwing your bed out will do nothing to get rid of the bed bugs in your luggage, yet it may be tempting to think so.

Failing To Understand Bed Bug Habitat

If you go to the internet for answers to your bed bug infestation, you’ll get a lot of advice. Some of this advice might sound pretty good if you don’t know how bed bugs behave. You may learn that there is a product that can seal your mattresses and box springs and prevent bed bugs from getting in or out. Sounds like a solution, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, bed bugs might not be in your mattress or box spring. They could be in the frame of your bed or in your bed stand. They could be in your alarm clock or the computer on the desk near your bed. They could be under the carpet, in your wall outlet, behind your baseboard, or inside your walls. Bed bugs can hide in many places. Mattress encasements are not a complete solution.

Failing To Understand Bed Bug Habitat

You might hear that bed bugs can be killed with heat. This is definitely true. But applying heat in a way that kills bed bugs is complicated. You can’t just turn your oven on high and open the door. That’s dangerous, and entirely ineffective. Bed bugs will just move away from the heat. You can buy space heaters and put them in every room. Bed bugs will just find cold spots to hide from the heat. You can use a hairdryer to kill bed bugs. They’re just going to run away.

What Kills Bed Bugs? Science!

If you live in Daytona, reach out to your local pest control experts at Biotherm Green Solutions. We employ bed bug specialists who know how to use heat and other methods to effectively eliminate bed bugs from your Daytona home, using scientific methods that take into consideration the behavior and habitat preferences of bed bugs. When you want results, the best choice is to hire an expert. Contact us today for immediate assistance.