Professional Bed Bug Control For Ocala Home & Business Owners

Located in north-central Florida, Ocala provides access to a variety of different experiences including crystal clear waterways, Silver Springs State Park, and the largest sand pine forest in the world, Ocala National Forest. Ocala is also able to offer its residents with exceptional bed bug control in the form of Biotherm Green Solutions! Bed bugs have the potential to invade any home or business in any Florida city. But, with the expertise and quality services from Florida’s only bed bug focused pest control company, bed bugs won’t be able to infest your property. To learn more about our residential or commercial bed bug treatment options, give us at Biotherm Green Solutions a call today!

Residential Bed Bug Control In Ocala, FL

Don’t let having a bed bug infestation in your home cause you and your family unnecessary stress. Instead, partner with the local bed bug experts here at Biotherm Green Solutions. Our trained professionals are dedicated to protecting Ocala homes from biting bed bugs. These parasitic pests hide out in cracks and crevices of your home during the day and emerge at night to feed on its sleeping victims. By partnering with us a Biotherm, you can sleep soundly at night knowing there no unwanted houseguests living inside your home. To solve residential bed bug infestations, we provide a variety of specialized services including heat treatments, canine bed bug detection services, and conventional treatments. In addition, we offer preventative programs to stop bed bugs from getting into homes before they have a chance to invade. To learn more about keeping bed bugs out of your home and away from your family, reach out to the professionals at Biotherm Green Solutions today!

Why Early Detection Is Vital To Eliminating Bed Bugs In Ocala, FL

A bed bug infestation can be difficult to spot as their flat, oval-shaped bodies allow it to remain hidden out of sight of people in tight cracks and crevices. In addition, bed bugs are nocturnal pests and typically only come out to feed on us while we are sleeping. However, no matter how difficult it may be, it is important to detect an infestation as early as possible. Bed bugs are prolific breeders. In fact, a single female bed bug has the potential to lay more than 500 eggs in her lifetime. This means that a few bed bugs hiding out in your home can quickly become hundreds or even thousands! Being able to detect an infestation in its early stages also helps to ensure that the infestation doesn’t travel throughout your home. As their population grows, those bed bugs will move out from your bedroom areas into the other common areas of your home about your home using walls, outlets, and vents. Lastly, early detection may also help to reduce the cost of the treatments needed to get rid of them. One of the best ways to detect an infestation before it gets out of control is with the help of canine bed bug detection dogs. Our specially-trained canine bed bug inspection dog can provide the positive identification needed for us to begin bed bug treatment in your home. To schedule a free consultation with us and learn more about our canine inspections, give us a call today at (800) 280-5698!

Commercial Bed Bug Control In Ocala, FL

Bed bugs are an issue for business owners throughout the entire state of Florida, including here in Ocala. The best way to ensure your business stays free of bed bugs is to partner with Biotherm Green Solutions. At Biotherm, we provide the services needed to eliminate bed bugs and prevent problems with them in the future. Just a single bed bug sighting inside of your business can call its reputation into question and negatively affect your bottom-line. And here at Biotherm, we have a deep understanding of bed bugs because that’s what we specialize in! Our company’s sole focus is on bed bug inspection, control, and prevention. So if you want to keep your business free of bed bugs, there’s no one better to partner with than us at Biotherm Green Solutions. To learn more about the commercial bed bug control services that we offer, contact us today!

Benefits Of Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Ocala, FL

Heat treatments, also known as thermal remediation, is a highly-recommended treatment option for complete bed bug elimination that many people chose to eliminate bed bugs from their home or business with. Listed below are some of the many reasons why heat treatments are so popular and work so well:

  • Bed bugs can’t hide from heat as it penetrates all surfaces including walls, floors, furniture, etc.
  • It provides the peace of mind to know that the infestation will be completely eliminated.
  • The entire treatment process is eco-friendly and there are no residuals left behind.
  • Heat works to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development – egg, nymph, and adult.
  • Typically, only one treatment is needed to eliminate the entire bed bug infestation.
  • Adjacent areas don’t have to be cleared out during treatment. That means untargeted areas of a business can continue operation.

To learn more about partnering with Biotherm Green Solutions and using heat to solve your home or business’s bed bug problem, give us a call today!