The fact of the matter is that bed bugs can be a significant problem. As such, it is necessary to treat the bed bug problem as quickly as possible. 

Thankfully, you can reach out to bed bug experts for bed bug treatments in your Florida home. 

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Bed Bug Prevention Florida

The warm climate in Florida can encourage the growth and multiplication of bed bugs if they are not effectively controlled. Bed bugs in your Florida home will often find it cool to hide in warm, semi-dark locations, particularly anywhere near your mattress and other bedding material. 

Even though bed bugs are nearly invisible to the naked human eye, they will thrive in areas with frequent turnover of guests like hotel rooms, school dormitories, and bedrooms. 

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small oval-shaped insects that survive by feeding on blood from warm-blooded mammals like humans. Anyone with the experience of bed bugs will tell you that the blood-sucking insects aren’t cool at all. 

Here is what you need to do when you want to treat and prevent a bed bug invasion in your Florida home.

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How to Prevent A Bed Bug Invasion 

As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” The problem may start and seem as small as an apple seed with a bit of bed bug bites for people within your home or commercial setting. But the truth is that it can get out of hand quickly.

It is still applicable in bed bug prevention services and operations. Preventing a bedbug invasion in your Florida house could be an uphill task because the causative agents for these blood-sucking animals are endless. 

Here’s how you may prevent a bedbug invasion and infestation within your home.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection of your Second-Hand Furniture Before Purchasing

You may save a lot by buying second-hand furniture for your home in Florida. Even with the immense savings, secondhand furniture could expose your living spaces to the risk of bedbug infestations if they are not examined correctly. 

The only way to avoid bed bugs if you are a lover of thrift shopping is to embrace the habit of inspecting the pieces of furniture you think of purchasing before they land in your home. 

Conduct a thorough check, particularly along the upholstery seams, just to ensure that there are no bedbugs or bedbug residues. Make it a rule of thumb not to let your guard down if you choose to procure second-hand mattresses, it could be a beautiful nightmare.

Give your second-hand furniture a good cleaning before it is brought into your house. Do this even if they are sparkling clean. You may take time to store them in a shed or garage then clean them with hot soapy water before you arrange them in your house. 

Make it a Routine To Inspect Your Bedding for Any Need For Bed Bug Treatment.

The bed bug inspection process shouldn’t be a task you will be committed to every night. Rather, you must make it a habit to inspect the condition of your bed any time you decide to wash your bedding. This could be the best moment to identify the slightest bed bug attack and prevent or prepare for a heavy infestation.

Take the cautionary measure of removing your bedding material from the bed and placing them in the washer at the highest temperature any moment you realize the sign of bed bugs; yes, do so for even a single bed bug. 

The heat and water will come in handy in killing any early development stages of the bed bugs that could be hiding in your bedding. 

You may also consider taking the cleaning exercise to a greater height by washing all curtains, mats, and rugs in the bedroom. You may also take the adverse measure of throwing the pillows and blankets that might have suffered bed bug exposure in your home.

If you feel that there is something wrong within your room and seem to have to deal with other insect issues, fumigation from qualified technicians with chemicals or the right pesticides may be pertinent. 

This is a factor relevant for businesses in many county areas with mattress features, sheets, and other services that cater to overall lodging.

Check Your Room For Bed Bugs Any Time You Travel For the Right Result

Bed bugs won’t just fly to your house. Your clothes can make effective carriers. This explains why you must make it a habit to inspect the hotel rooms you sleep in when you travel. 

Be thorough to check for bedbug signs before you unpack in a hotel room. Ask the hotel front desk for another room any time you realize that the one you booked indicates bedbugs.

Only bring your baggage to the room when you are sure that t is free from bedbug infestations. Bedbugs are sneaky and may attach to your luggage and will stay for up to a week without surfacing. 

Any cracks within your due diligence process can be the moment you fall prey to bed bugs.

Treating a Bedbug Invasion with Pest Control

You will need to treat your Florida home only after confirming that it has been invaded with bed bugs. It is advisable to go chemical-free in your treatment exercise as much as you can. Here are the methods to embrace any time you want to treat your Florida home to eliminate bed bugs on your mattress or elsewhere.

  • Start with a heat treatment exercise if you notice bed bugs.
  • They will be pretty easy to kill with heat treatment (115 degrees Fahrenheit) or an intensively cold environment (below zero degrees centigrade). 
  • Give your clothes and bedding a thorough hot water washing for 30 minutes followed by a dryer treatment at the highest heat level for 30 minutes. This serves as a moderate bed bug treatment method.
  • You may apply a steamer treatment for your mattresses, pillows, and other areas where bedbugs can hide to conduct bed bug control.
  • Seal up any infested item in a black nylon bag and leave it in the sun or a fast car to implement bed bug treatment. You may place the items in the coolest area you have within your home. However, it may take up to three months to clear the bedbugs in cool conditions.


After you have cleaned and cleared the visible bed bug infestation signs and conducted bed bug treatment, it would be a great idea to ensure that your home spaces are inhospitable for these bloodsuckers as much as you can.

If you have done the proper inspection, pest control, what else can you do to get rid of these pests at all stages?

Deploy Ongoing Treatments to Minimize Bites Within the State

It would be advisable to procure a few bedbug-proof covers for your mattresses and box springs. The covers will trap any live bedbug family inside and will suffocate them to death. 

Remember that a bed bug family can grow rapidly and require fumigation if it is getting out of hand. They may be small in size with an obligation inspection and a phone number; you can take advantage of the equipment and knowledge of quality companies with a great rating like Biotherm Green.

It could be advisable to try going insecticide if these natural methods don’t work for you. 

However, you must seek advice from technicians at places such as Biotherm Green to ensure that you will be using EPA-registered insecticides to eliminate the bedbugs. Similarly, the insecticides you go for should be specifically marked “for bedbugs.” 

Here is the list of the few EPA-registered bedbug insecticides you will find in the market today:

  1. Pyrroles 
  2. Pyrethroids and pyrethrin
  3. Desiccants will destroy the bedbug’s outer coating, exposing them to dry environmental conditions and ultimate death.
  4. Neonicotinoids – They will destroy the bedbug’s nervous system and highly work if the insects have grown resistant to other remedies.
  5. Bug bombs


Killing bed bugs shouldn’t be the end of the bedbug control cycle. You need to take time to monitor the areas that were previously infested in your Florida home as a follow-up activity. 

While the weather in Florida is great, it does create some issues. Remember to call the right professionals with the best equipment who have strong reviews on their services to deal with all of your bed bug problems. 

Firms like Biotherm Green have the stars, the reviews, links, and information you need to minimize or negate your bed bud issue.