Being bitten while asleep has never been a pleasant experience. Not with vampires, and not with bed bugs either. That being said, there are many homeowners here in Orlando being bitten every night by illusive blood-sucking pests. Hopefully, you are not one of them. To keep yourself from being one of them, today we will be talking about bed bugs, how you can identify an infestation, and how you can keep them at bay.

Identifying A Bed Bug Infestation

When bed bugs get into homes, they can be extremely difficult to spot. This has to do with the fact that bed bugs typically hide during the day and only come out late at night to feed. Unless you set an alarm for 3 in the morning and jump out of bed with a flashlight to look for bed bugs, chances are, you won’t spot them, that is unless the infestation is severe and bed bugs find it difficult to find places to hide.

What you can do to spot bed bugs is look for the signs they leave behind. Check your skin for bites. These bites will appear in a zig-zag pattern or a straight line as bed bugs often feed several times, moving between bites. Another thing you can look for is blood stains on your sheets and tiny dots of excrement in the seams of your mattresses. These are all signs that you are dealing with a bed bug infestation.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

The good news is that your chances of getting sick due to a bed bug infestation are low. Although bed bugs can carry and spread Chagas disease, it is rare here in America. In chronic-severe cases of bed bug infestations, health problems such as anemia and insomnia can arise.

How Difficult Are Bed Bugs To Treat Alone?

When faced with danger, bed bugs run and hide. This defense mechanism combined with the fact that they can survive five months without food, hiding inside of your walls, makes them extremely hard to treat without professional help. Even if bed bugs seem to be gone after DIY treatments, there is a good chance they will show up again once the treatments have faded. In laymen’s terms, if you can’t kill all of them, they will return.

How Biotherm Can Help With Bed Bugs

Here at Biotherm Green Solutions, Inc, we use a method for dealing with bed bugs that gives them no chance to escape. We use heat treatments. By using top-of-the-line equipment we heat up your home to a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs but safe for your furniture, appliances, and other household items. The best benefit of this is that heat treatments leave behind no residual chemical. This means, once we are done, you and your family can reenter your home with no worries.

Are you curious to learn more about our methods or would you like to schedule an inspection for your home? Contact us today.