Scientists have been studying pests for a very long time, and bed bugs are no exception. The only problem is, for about 50 years, bed bugs were almost wiped out here in America. This was because of a potent (and later banned) pest control product called DDT. Although this product worked wonders at keeping bed bugs out of homes for many decades, it didn’t help scientists with furthering their understanding of these tiny blood-sucking pests. Within the past 10 years, however, bed bugs have fully reemerged and are once again becoming a huge problem. The question is, what kind of threat do these bed-sharing pests pose?

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Up until just a few years ago, it was believed that bed bugs were entirely harmless and incapable of spreading disease. Recent studies, however, are saying otherwise. One study done by the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics has linked bed bugs to the spread of a dangerous parasite known for spreading Chagas disease. These parasites can most often be found in the fecal matter that bed bugs leave behind after feeding on people. As of right now, scientists are still researching bed bugs to learn what other dangerous secrets they might be holding.

How Difficult Are Bed Bugs To Treat?

As pests go, bed bugs are one of the most difficult to treat. Turns out that the bed bugs that survived the DDT apocalypse so many years ago have grown to be resistant to many forms of pest control. The only method that has proven to be 100% effective is heat treatments. This is a process where a home is heated to above 118 degrees until bed bug populations drop to 0. As you would guess, doing this in your home is not as easy as turning up the thermostat. It requires help from a professional pest control provider.

How Biotherm Deals With Bed Bugs

At Biotherm we are the leading experts in the area when it comes to bed bug detection and elimination. Our staff includes a friendly and highly trained canine that is able to sniff out bed bugs in homes with over 98% accuracy, and our heat treatments are designed to quickly and efficiently remove bed bugs fully from any sized structure. If you are up against an infestation of bed bugs, let us come to your rescue today. It would be our honor to give you freedom from tiny, potentially disease-spreading bed bugs.