Part insect, part vampire, and 100% creepy, these hitchhikers are some of the least desirable guests in the Daytona area. Bed bugs are best identified by their ¼ inch sizes, six legs, and oval-like body structures. By latching onto people, pets, and property items such as bedsheets and luggage, these insects quickly make their way from one cozy home to another. If Daytona homeowners are not careful to monitor their homes for the signs and symptoms of encroaching activity, they may be in for a nasty, itchy surprise! 

Why Daytona Bed Bugs Wind Up On Residential Properties

It’s easy to pick up accidental bed bugs while in particular hot spots, no matter how careful you are. To avoid acquiring these companions while out and about, you should exercise extreme caution while in any of the following areas: 

  • Lodging Establishments: Overnight stays in hotels, motels, and long-term rentals pose a high risk of bed bug transfer. 
  • Medical Facilities: From emergency rooms to nursing homes, medical facilities see a great deal of traffic (and bed bugs) during daily operations.
  • Transportation Hubs: Bus stations, train depots, airport terminals, and other public transportation options are first-rate offenders for sustained bed bug populations. 
  • Schools: Universities become bed bug hot spots during the school season, sending bugs home with teachers, students, and visitors.

A good way to avoid picking up bed bugs while in these hot spots is to practice good laundry hygiene, especially after returning from a trip. Wash and dry all clothing at the hottest heat setting, regardless if they are ‘dirty’ or not While in your hotel room be sure to store all luggage or bags up off the floor on wire racks or shelving. Another common way to get bed bugs is through secondhand furniture and appliance purchases. If any of the signs or symptoms of bed bugs are discovered, it will be wise to avoid purchasing the item. Curious as to what these signs and symptoms may be? Get a bed bug inspection through Biotherm Green Solutions to learn more!

Got Some Bed Bug Pollution? Get Biotherm Green Solutions!

Despite what you may have heard, bed bug prevention steps are never 100% effective. While they can go a long way towards protecting your people, pets, and property from large-scale infestations, there is never a guarantee that the pests will stay out forever. Far from it! The scary fact is, pests like bed bugs can appear in any space, at any time, during any season. Unless you are receiving regular pest control visits, there is a high probability that ‘small’ bed bug problems will rapidly evolve into larger, much more dangerous infestations.

If you do accidentally bring bed bugs into your home, or you are concerned that this may be the case, contact the bed bug experts at Biotherm Green Solutions right away. As Florida’s premier bed bug detection and control expert, Biotherm Green Solutions is a passionate defender of pest-free homes. We are a locally owned and family operated business, putting our full focus into bed bug identification, canine inspections, heat treatments, and much more. Green solutions and eco-friendly alternatives to bed bug activity can keep your household safe and clear from harmful chemicals, protecting the ones you love most without compromising your care for the earth. Make the most of your bed bug situation and get things cleared up fast by trusting the professional team at Biotherm Green Solutions. Call us at any time using the number above, or feel free to connect with us virtually through the complementary contact form. Bed bugs shouldn’t stand a chance in your Daytona home. Let us help you keep it that way!