Do you need to protect your home and get rid of bed bugs? Here’s how fumigation can end your home’s bed bug problem in Tampa, FL.

A Nose for Pest Extermination

Did you know that many exterminators are now training dogs to detect bed bugs? A trained dog for bed bug detection succeeds with 98% accuracy (compared to only 30% accuracy for human inspectors). Like police canine units sniff out drug paraphernalia, our trained team now includes intelligent canines who can sniff out your bed bug infestation faster than any human.

Biotherm Green Solutions, Inc. in Tampa, Florida, offers high-quality pest detection, extermination, and prevention services. Our team includes trained pest control technicians and a certified bed bug canine inspector (available upon request). You can count on us to deliver discreet pest control services to your door.

Treatment Plans

With Biotherm, there are many options you can choose from to eliminate bed bugs in your home or business.

·             Thermal remediation is also called heat treatment. It kills bed bugs with a large heater reaching 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Industrial fans move the heat throughout the infested area, and our experts typically complete this treatment in one day.

·             Chemical treatment is a long process that may need several weeks of repetition. The method includes vacuuming the area, applying products, sealing crevices, encasing mattresses, monitoring the process, and follow-up visits.

·             Tent fumigation involves certified exterminators installing a plastic covering on top of the infested area. The pesticides circulate freely inside the tent and reach every bed bug hiding spot.  

Tent Fumigation

Tent fumigation may seem like a scary option sensationalized on television shows, but it’s safer than most people realize. The pesticides are only toxic to bed bugs and other pests. It eliminates pest problems, but it also stops the bed bugs’ whole life cycle by killing eggs and live specimens.

Fumigation is a more expensive option than heat and chemical treatments, but it is highly effective. Don’t automatically rule out the possibility for fumigation—it will completely rid your space of pests and erase your bed bug problem. The cost, time frame, and long-term effects are also important considerations, and you may find this is the perfect treatment option for your home or business.

The fumigation process may last 24 to 72 hours, depending on the pest issue’s size and severity. You must clean your belongings for the most effective treatment before removing these from your home or business before fumigation. Otherwise, you may risk bringing the problem back to your home or business after the fumigation process.

Give our professionals a call to discuss the best possible treatment plan for your bed bug situation. We’ll give you a free quote on all of your options, and our professionals are happy to answer any questions you have about our team or processes.

Other Pest Control Services

Biotherm Green Solutions specializes in protecting your home from bed bugs and other vermin. Living in Tampa, Florida, does come with a disadvantage: a residential pes problem. Luckily, Biotherm offers termite and mosquito control services in the area, as well.

Termite Control & Mosquito Control Treatment

Termites flourish in dry, wooden structures, hollowing out important structures. Even though bed bugs are small, termites are harder to spot. The average person won’t realize termites are present until they see significant signs. By then, it’s often too late.

General signs of termite infestation include:

·             Light brown “ants” crawling around

·             Fecal matter that looks like sawdust

·             Hollow or weak timber

·             Clicking sounds

·             Flying insects

·             Wings

Unlike bed bugs, termites can and will damage the structure of your business or home. You’ve heard how fumigation can end your home’s bed bug problem in Tampa, and now you can deal with termites and mosquitos effectively, as well.

If you do suspect you have a problem, call our trained and experienced termite pest control team for:

Whole Structure Tent Fumigation: Like the bed bug treatments, tent fumigation will rid your space of termites in one session. Certified professionals cover the infested building with a rubber or PVC-coated tent and release the pesticides with necessary airflow.

·             Liquid Nitrogen Treatment: Our experienced team releases liquid nitrogen into the infested wooden structure, freezing the termites on contact.

·             Spot Heat & Shock Treatment: The spot treatment pinpoints affected areas, increasing the temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures and electric voltage waves ensure no termites left standing in your Tampa home or business.

·             Spot Chemical Pesticide Treatment: Spot chemical treatments use pesticides to target a specific site or object, like a wall or piece of furniture.

Why Choose Biotherm Green Solutions?

You’ve learned how fumigation can end your home’s bed bug problem in Tampa, Florida. Now, you have a choice about who to call to sort out these sneaky pests, including termites and mosquitoes. Biotherm Green Solutions is an excellent choice.

For over 11 years, the Biotherm Green Solutions, Inc. team has served the Tampa, FL, community. We take pride in our eco-friendly heat treatments and effective approach to eradicating bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes. Our gift to you is professional service and a pest-free home or business.

Our Biotherm treatments are the ideal solution for pest control in your Florida location. Our bed bug control services are also discreet because we know you may not want your neighbors talking about your pest infestation at the next dinner party. Don’t worry; all our extermination treatments are fast and effective, with a 100% success rate on all our work.

Call Our Pest Detection & Control Experts in Tampa, FL, Today

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