Have you ever seen a dog at an airport? Not a traveling one, but one on the job, dressed in professional dog clothing, ready to sniff out danger? How about a seeing eye dog, trained to guide and direct his master, giving them easier access to the world around them? Everyday select dogs across the world wake up and go to work to aid humans. They use their heightened sense of smell, their keen observations, and unhindered loyalty to help humans in things that humans cannot do on their own, or, at least, not very well. Here at Biotherm, we have our own faithful service dog that helps us do our job better than the competition. Here’s how.

Why Bed Bugs Are Difficult To Identify With Human Eyesight Alone

Looking for bed bugs is like playing hide and seek with a hundred highly trained ninjas, if they were a few millimeters tall, could climb walls, and had the ability to squeeze into practically any crack to get out of sight. This can make spotting them with eyesight alone an extremely difficult task. At this point in time, we do not have the necessary technological equipment to do a detailed inspection of every crack in your home for bed bugs. What we do have is a bed bug-sniffing canine.

How Dogs Can Detect Bed Bug Activity

Unlike humans, canines do not look for bed bugs using their eyesight. Instead, they use their keen sense of smell to pinpoint bed bugs within a home. To put into perspective how much more effective this is, studies have shown that with human eyesight a human inspector can detect bed bugs with 30% accuracy, but when it comes to a trained bed bug-detecting canine, the success rate goes up to 98%. It’s a night-and-day difference.

Why Call Biotherm If You Suspect You Have Bed Bugs

When it comes to finding bed bugs in homes, there is no one better for the job than our trusted pal, Bailey. Highly trained to locate the presence of bed bugs in homes, Bailey is our number-one asset. If you would like to know for certain if your home does or does not have bed bugs, give us a call here at Biotherm today. We are the leading experts in both bed bug treatments and inspections in the area and would be happy to send one of our highly trained technicians, accompanied by Bailey, your way today.