Which Is More Effective at Eliminating Bed Bugs

One of the absolute worst things to find out is a bed bug infestation in your house. When it comes to your home, it should be a sanctuary and a place for relaxation for you and your family. 

If a nasty pest like bed bugs decides to invade your territory and begin to terrorize everyone in the house, they must be stopped as soon as possible. 

No one should be forced to share their home with bed bugs, and Biotherm Green Solutions has the remedies you need to kick your unwanted guests out of your house.

In previous years, the tried and true method for exterminating bed bugs was chemical treatments. However, exterminators in the industry have discovered that extreme heat can also be an excellent way to eliminate bed bugs effectively and efficiently. 

So, how does a homeowner decide which method is right for their house? At Biotherm Green Solutions in Central Florida, we offer both treatment options and are happy to discuss their benefits and challenges.

Heat Treatment of Bed Bug Infestations

Heat treatments may also be referred to as thermal radiation and consist of large mobile electric heaters to increase the air temperature of infested areas to 140℉. This can be done in a single room or the whole home. 

Once the temperature reaches this desired number, our team uses industrial fans to move the air throughout the areas to ensure all bed bugs are exterminated. 

The heat treatment can penetrate all areas that bed bugs often like to hide – even from chemical treatments – such as cracks and crevices in the floors, baseboards, and walls.

And don’t worry about the safety of your belongings. Before the treatment, our team will help you make sure that all objects affected by the heat are removed. 

Unlike chemical treatments, the heat treatment does not leave behind any residue of pesticide that will need to be cleaned prior to use again. 

Best of all, the heat treatment (even for a whole home) can be completed within one day so you can return to your home the same night and sleep well knowing the pests are gone.

Chemical Treatment of Bed Bug Infestations

When it comes to the conventional treatment for a bed bug infestation, chemical treatments have been effective for many years. 

At Biotherm Green Solutions, we have developed a chemical treatment process that works to end bed bug infestations. Our process includes:

  • Vacuuming: Before our professional exterminators apply the chemical product to infested areas, we will vacuum up as many bed bugs and eggs as possible. These will be disposed of offsite once the treatment of your home is complete.
  • Product application: We have found that applying multiple products that work with different modes of action ensures the best possible results.

In addition, our treatments are focused on areas where bed bugs hide and include mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, and other common bed bug hiding spots.

  • Sealing: Additionally, we will seal any cracks and crevices in your home that may function as hiding spots for these nasty pests.
  • Mattress and box spring encasement installation: If bedrooms are infested, we install high-quality encasements on mattresses and box springs to prevent bed bugs from re-infesting in the future.
  • Monitoring: To ensure your home is not re-infested once the treatment has been completed, we’ll deploy bed bug monitors to track our treatment’s effectiveness. 

We may also have to return to re-treat your property several times to eliminate the pests, depending on your particular situation completely. 

You will be well-aware of your current circumstances because we keep you updated about future services that may need to be done.

Chemical treatments may not be the best option for everyone since it often takes a few treatment sessions, but they are more affordable than heat treatments.

Contact Our Expert Bed Bug Extermination Professionals

If you are a resident in Central Florida and are dealing with a serious bed bug infestation, contact Biotherm Green Solutions professionals. 

Our effective extermination methods will ensure that all bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adults are found and eliminated from your home. 

We understand how bed bugs think and act, which is why we can exterminate them so completely for our clients. 

Our bed bug elimination teams use the best, most advanced extermination methods, and we even employ canines to help us with our inspections! Do not let bed bugs control your home.

Contact Biotherm Green Solutions to give you the peace of mind and ability to rest easy knowing that your unwanted house guests are gone for good!