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5 Things To Do Before Tenting Your House for Termites

Pest control experts perform close to 100,000 fumigations in Florida every year. The annual cost of controlling and repairing damage due to dry wood termite infestations is upwards of $300 million. These numbers are so high because Florida’s high humidity, moderate temperatures, and tropical conditions enable termites to thrive. At least three types of termites cause significant damage to wood structures in Florida, including conehead, subterranean, and drywood termites. They multiply fast, and as such, tent fumigation is crucial. This... Read more
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Wooden Furniture: A Termites Paradise

The beauty and warmth of wood furniture are constantly present in interior spaces, and they may remain for decades. However, wood furniture can get quickly harmed by drywood termites and their underground cousins. If you discover mounds of wood dust under your hardwood furniture, you likely have termites in wooden furniture. Termites in wooden furniture are the most destructive and pests. What makes matters worse is that it is hard to detect when an infestation has begun to take hold.... Read more
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Drywood Termite Treatment for Hardwood Floors and Drywall

As a resident of Florida, you are likely well-aware of the variety of pests and insects that may end up on or in your property. Florida may be known as the “Sunshine State,” and pests are also known to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of our state. One of the most devastating pests to discover in your home that are quite common to Florida is the presence of subterranean or drywood termites. It is critical that you get rid of... Read more
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Drywood Termite Treatment for Boats in Florida

Living in Florida, you are likely well-aware of the extremely high insect population that lives among you. Cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and termites are just a few of Florida residents’ pests to deal with daily. These insects are most especially expected to be found in people’s homes or businesses, but that does not mean that other objects like boats are safe from bugs, specifically termite infestations, just because they are on the water. At Biotherm Green Solutions, our Florida pest... Read more
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Do I Have Wood Rot or Termite Damage?

Whether you are a homeowner or have a business in Florida, it is important that you take great care in keeping your property in tip-top condition.  This might include having the roof inspected for signs of significant wear and tear, cleaning the HVAC system, or fixing a leaky faucet before it turns into a major problem.  One less-oft considered factor for your home or office is the integrity of the wood that is holding your structure together and providing support.... Read more
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Being Cautious of Drywood Termite Damage When Buying a New Home in Florida

When you are looking to buy a new home in Florida (especially the coastal and southern areas of the state), it is important that you get a thorough inspection of the entire structure for signs of serious problems. One of these severe issues that an inspection should spot is the presence of drywood termites. Because they are unlike other subterranean termites, an assessment for drywood termites would look quite different, so you must choose an insect inspection team that is... Read more
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How Bad Is It: Drywood VS Subterranean

Florida is prone to termite damage throughout the year. If they go undetected for long, termites can cause irreparable damage to your property and other fittings inside. In Florida, the most common types of termites are the dry wood and subterranean termites. You can tell which one is wreaking havoc by looking at how and where they live and the evidence they leave behind. Continue reading to learn how dry wood termites vs. subterranean termites compare in terms of their... Read more
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Carpenter Ants VS Termites: How To Tell The Difference

Americans spend billions of money fixing damages caused by termites and ants. While these insects could be responsible for wood damage every summer, termites are more destructive than ants. Learning how carpenter ants vs. termites compare in terms of looks, diet, and damage caused can help you take quick action in protecting your property. Here, we look at the main differences between carpenter ants and termites. Carpenter Ants vs. Termites Body: Shapes and Wings Worker termites and ants leave the... Read more
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8 Signs That You’re About To Have a Termite Issue

Termites may cause huge damage to your property, especially wood structures. There are different types of termites that cause damage in equal measure. However, two major breeds cause a lot of termite damage. These are : Subterranean termites: they live majorly in soil that’s moist and loose. They become very large and can cause a lot of termite damage. They rely on moisture to live. Drywood termites: these live mostly on wood and can live their entire lives there. A... Read more
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5 Types of Termites and What They Do

There are more than 2000 species of termites globally, with over 40 species in the United States. They measure between 0.25 to 0.5 inches long, although the queens and kings measure up to an inch in length. They have soft bodies with straight antennae. Their colors range from white to light brown, with worker termites appearing lighter and the swarming ones darker. Flying termites/reproductives have two pairs of prominent wings. but they are different from ants Termites do invade, build... Read more